What are the common uses for SWILL ?

The Ultimate Convenience

You never have to leave the comfort of you home or office to enjoy a bottle of wine, beer or spirit.  SWILL works with the best retailers around you to bring the liquor store in your pocket.

Send a Gift

Ever want to gift someone a bottle of scotch or wine for their birthday, promotion or to say I'm sorry?  Or forget to bring that bottle of wine to a dinner party ? 

With SWILL, you can give the gift of alcohol with the touch of a button.

Your Next Party

Have your next party for the big game or the big celebration catered.  The best craft beer, wine and spirits can be delivered to your door at no extra cost.  Spend your time focused in the moment with friends and family.  We'll take care of the drinks.

Office Happy Hours

Be the office super hero.  Get the best drinks for your next office happy hour.





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